Monday, September 9, 2013

WIN! Family Pass (Admit 4) to see Disney 'Planes'

From high above the world of "Cars" flies "Planes," Disney's upcoming animated action-packed comedic adventure starring Dusty, a big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exhilarating around-the-world air race in history. There's only a couple of not-so-small problems — Dusty is not exactly built for racing and he also happens to be afraid of heights.

Despite his fear and with encouragement from his mentor, a naval aviator named Skipper, Dusty narrowly qualifies for the big competition. Dusty's sportsmanship and speed begin to rattle the defending champ of the race circuit, Ripslinger, who will stop at nothing to see Dusty fail.

When disaster strikes during the climax of the final race, Dusty's courage is put to the ultimate test. With the support of friends old and new, Dusty reaches heights he never dreamed possible.

NOTE: Winners will be notified by email and will be required to supply their postal address for ticket delivery. We accept no responsibility and cannot replace lost tickets. Winners have the option to collect tickets from Metropolitan Adelaide at a mutually convenient time.

Good Luck!

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Disney 'Planes' Family Pass

Thursday, September 5, 2013

So you want to go on a Family Holiday?

As seen in SA Kids: September/October

Us on the Skywalk over the Grand Canyon.

Take it from me, just don’t. It’s stressful.

We recently returned from a whopper of a holiday. We decided, and I think we must have been under the influence of alcohol when planning this, to take our kids (aged two and seven) to the USA for six weeks. Not only that, we also decided to hire an RV and include an itinerary that saw us travel 6,500 miles (more than 10,000kms) in 31 days.

I imagined many Brady Bunch moments in the months leading up to our holiday. I had fantasies of my smiling children (and me with an amazing tan and the wind in my hair) checking out all the sights of America. But we hadn’t even left the country before the drama started.

Our long-haul flight was delayed for 12 hours. Twelve hours. By this stage we had left home and were in Brisbane, and were sent to a hotel for the remainder of the day until our now evening flight. My eldest son at this point got a migraine – cue the vomit and all through the Brisbane airport and also through the foyer of said hotel. And also on his clothes (and all his other clothes were packed and already checked into the connecting flight). At this point it was either go back to Adelaide and call the whole thing off, or keep going and see what else could possibly go wrong.

Thankfully, the flights at the beginning of our trip were the bulk of our dramas, but I didn’t realise just how much our boys would slow us down. I planned our itinerary with very little room for movement and, thanks to the flight delay, we already had 12 hours to make up somewhere. This trip felt like a race from start to finish. It was exhausting.

Our toddler decided to cut new teeth (the last of his molars) while we were away, and I don’t think there was one meal we sat through on the entire trip that he didn’t scream through. So my husband and I tag-teamed our meals – it was very romantic. And the migraines/vomiting continued from my eldest son – Disneyland and the Hollywood Walk of Fame were just a couple of other locations that were graced with his regurgitation.

Drama aside, we created a lot of memories together as a family (the screaming and the vomiting were just small smacks of reality). We flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, we swam with dolphins in Hawaii and we went to a Yankees game in New York. Ryder also learnt many new words (like ‘plane’) while we were away. These are amazing experiences and memories that I will have for the rest of my life.

And it’s only now that we’re home and back into the throes of reality that I have realised just how important this time together was for us as a family. It bonded us. If anything, it has made me realise that those ‘perfect family’ fantasies I had before we left just aren’t us. I can’t wait to spend time with the kids and go away again where we can forget about day-to-day life and escape. Perhaps next time though, I will wait until they’re a bit older and less high-maintenance… but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Modern Cloth Nappy Revolution!

Introducing Eco Bums - The Cloth Nappy Library

Eco Bums The Cloth Nappy Library came about due to the frustration of too much choice when it came to choosing types and brands of modern cloth nappies on the market.

Exploring MCN’s (Modern Cloth Nappies) can be a daunting experience. There are so many brands and styles on the market to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s where Eco Bums come in!

They have sourced what they believe to be the best that the market has to offer and packed them into kits for you to hire. By hiring out a kit of nappies you can use the different types at home and decide what suits you and your baby best. All brands in the pack are also available to purchase.

And what's even better than 'trying before you buy'? Thanks to a partnership with KESAB environmental solutions and Zero Waste SA, Eco Bums are now working together to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using cloth nappies via a subsidy program for their Eco Bums Hire Pack. The cloth nappy ‘library’ scheme will be subsidised by KESAB for a two-week trial. The first 375 people to register will receive a subsidy of $40 – all you pay is $20 for a two week hire period.

This is a great incentive for parents to try cloth nappies to see if it suits them and their baby. The environmental and financial benefits are significant,” says Grace Barila, Special Environmental Projects Coordinator at KESAB environmental solutions.

We have come a long way with recycling in South Australia (leading the nation) but there is much more we can do as a community by recognising some of the nontraditional throw away and disposable items currently buried in landfill.

This project is about changing family awareness and understanding by using alternatives encouraging avoidance – but with minimal impact on family life style. And it helps the environment along the way,” Ms Barila said.

Advantages of “new age” cloth nappies have come a long way since terry towelling squares. Modern versions are more absorbent, less bulky, easy to wash, and are just as easy to use as disposables – are fashionable and they look great!

DEMONSTRATIONS: As part of the Nappy Library service, Eco Bums provides nappy demonstrations anywhere in Adelaide. Grab some friends or get together with your mother’s group or play group and arrange a time – Dad’s are welcome too!

This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIN! Double Pass to this Friday's 'Bring Your Baby' Session!

Thanks to our friends at Event Cinemas, I have a DOUBLE PASS to this Friday night's session of Bring You Baby at Event Cinemas to see 'We're the Millers'!

Event Cinemas is extending their day time Bring Your Baby sessions into night time with Bring Your Baby Date Night Screenings, allowing parents an affordable night out,
without having to worry about the babysitter.

PLEASE NOTE: Double Pass is valid at Event Cinemas Arndale and Marion only for Friday 30th August 2013 at 7:00pm.

Winner will be notified by email and will be required to reply within 12-hours with cinema location and names of two (2) guests attending.

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